Brad Schaeffer of Medcomp Sciences

Brad Schaeffer of MedComp Sciences

Brad Schaeffer

In recent months, we have all become aware of the role that convenient access to resources plays in both our health, wellness, and overall happiness. Ecommerce is bustling, and there has been a growing emphasis on online portals to better adapt to the growing needs of individuals during the ongoing health crisis. While the healthcare sector can may be, in ways, resistant to change, the industry has implemented widespread offerings such as telemedicine to best facilitate certain aspects of care. Brad Schaeffer, Medcomp Sciences’ founder and CEO, was notably early to this development with endeavors such as his company roz. The company places a firm emphasis on convenience in healthcare without sacrificing other core facets such as quality of care and personalization.

MedComp Sciences

Brad Schaeffer of Medcomp Sciences’ background in leadership within the healthcare space served as the foundation on which he would base his career moving forward. After several years in the space, Brad Schaeffer founded Medcomp Sciences in 2012, a Louisiana-based laboratory that offers clinical urine toxicology and pharmacogenetic testing to determine the best methods of care for patients. Schaeffer notes that the core values of Medcomp Sciences are excellence, integrity, continuous improvement, and respect. The company pushes for improving the quality of laboratory processes while striving to produce the best possible results. Medcomp Sciences balances this commitment with a dedication to acting ethically throughout its navigation of the healthcare space. Since its foundation, the company has grown to accommodate 250 employees and gross $50M annually. This growth has not led to complacency within their industry, however, and the company continues to make strides in toxicology, pharmacogenetics, health, and wellness. The company also still has a commitment to the community it serves, evident by partnerships to provide free COVID-19 tests to community members in Zachary, Louisiana.

In 2014, Brad Schaeffer of Medcomp Sciences went on to found his next endeavor, roz. Roz is an online healthcare assistant combining features such as telemedicine, nutraceutical and prescription productions, access to at home diagnostic testing, and concierge care to benefit patients. Schaeffer founded the company with the vision to become the “Amazon of healthcare”. This vision was ultimately inspired by the way in which the company allows transparency and choice core facets of its model. In a time where companies such as Amazon are leading in sales and innovation and doctors are utilizing methods to offer at-home options to patients, Brad Schaeffer of Medcomp Sciences stands out as a thought leader that had emerged before that intersect. COVID-19 has isolated many variables within our healthcare system, with access remaining one of the most crucial components to quality care. Schaeffer’s goal to ensure consumers have a broader access to what they need for their continued health has only been further emphasized by the discussions of access to quality healthcare that have been expounded upon in the present.

Fitting with how many can benefit from wider access to quality healthcare resources, individuals can similarly benefit from more information on the space. As such, Brad Schaeffer of Medcomp Sciences hopes that this site can act as a resource for those that wish to learn more information pertaining to current events, industry developments, and widening the range of quality healthcare resources to the benefit of patients.